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Ivorians Unhappy Over Missed Voter Registration Publication Deadline

Cote d'Ivoire's citizens are expressing disappointment the electoral commission will fail to meet Tuesday deadline of publishing the voter register.

The voter register is expected to be used for the vote scheduled for November 29.

Concerned Ivorians say the electoral body's failure to meet the publishing deadline could increase tensions ahead of the general elections.

But the government reassured people saying the presidential election will go on as planned despite the missed deadline.

The electoral commission attributes its failure to inadequate funds to pay the staff processing data for the voter register.

Mariam Coulibaly, an Ivorian journalist, said that most of the citizens do not believe the government assurances.

"On Saturday the prime minister said that if there is a delay and the date of today is not respected, it is not important. He said that the most important is about the d-day of the elections will be respected, [which] is on November 29," Coulibaly said.

She said Ivorians want the electoral commission to strictly follow its schedules ahead of the upcoming election.

"Everybody wants the date of all the process to be respected … the ordinary people are tired [and] they want people this time to respect the date," she said.

Coulibaly said reaction is mixed about government's assurances over the missed deadline.

"I think that there is no one point of view from the people. Some want to believe what the government is saying. Some don't believe because you know the opposition they don't want to believe … they all said that the entire process must be respected," Coulibaly said.

She said are expressing doubt the government is prepared to meet the deadline of the upcoming election.

"I don't think so. You know since four years [when] the elections were to be held in 2005. So since four years there is not a clear date there is always a postponement. So we don't know so far, but we hope that this time the election would be held," she said.

Coulibaly said Ivorians want to live in a country that is peaceful.

"Everybody is tired of this situation. We want a normal situation [and] we want to live in peace. So we want the election to be held to live in a normal country," Coulibaly said.

She said the controversy surrounding nationality requirement has been resolved.

"This agreement which has been done years ago they all can go and they all can be candidates [and] be elected also," she said.

Coulibaly said there is growing anxiety over nationality.

"Those in the northern part of the country, they had problems of nationality. The names of these people in northern Ivory Coast are the same as those of Mali, Guinea it is the same Mandingo people. So the problem of nationality is very strong in this part," Coulibaly said.

She said most people are anxiously waiting to seeing their names on the voter register to ascertain those eligible to vote in the upcoming November 29 presidential election.