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Cattle Raid Clashes Kill at Least 30 in Kenya

Tribal clashes in drought-stricken central Kenya have killed at least 30 people.

Local authorities say cattle rustlers from the Pokot tribe attacked the Samburu tribe late Monday.

The attackers killed at least 21 Samburu and made off with hundreds of cows. A local member of parliament, Raphael Letimalo, said some of those killed were children.

Police killed nine of the raiders in a shootout, and are combing the area for the other suspected raiders and the stolen livestock.

Much of Kenya is suffering from a severe drought that has hurt farm production, killed livestock and led to shortages of food and water.

The U.N. World Food Program recently said that about 3.8 million Kenyans will not have enough food over the next months because of the drought.

Kenya's government blames the food crisis on four straight years of lower-than-normal rainfall.

Some information for this report was provided by Reuters.