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UN Body to Address Challenges of Feeding the World in 2050

UN Body to Address Challenges of Feeding the World in 2050
A high-level forum of experts will address the challenge of feeding the world this week. The World Food Week begins Monday in Rome as part of efforts by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to draw the attention of the world to the plight of over one billion hungry people. A series of major events have been planned for the forum which will also mark World Food Day on Friday.

High Level Experts

Keith Wiebe, the Deputy Director of Agricultural Development at the Economics Division of the FAO told VOA Nightline’s Akwei Thompson about 300 experts from across the world – from research organizations, private companies, non-governmental organizations, farmers organizations and all other different backgrounds have been invited to encourage a ”wide variety of view points on the challenges the world faces.”

Wiebe said the forum is “an effort to capture the attention that the world has put on food and agriculture in the last couple of years” and to look at the current crisis as well as the longer term challenges looming in the horizon.