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Activist Bove Deported from Brazil - 2001-01-30

Brazil is deporting a French activist, Jose Bove, one of the featured participants at the World Social Forum in Brazil this past week, because he led a farmers' protest that destroyed a field of genetically-engineered soybeans in southern Brazil. The World Social Forum, a gathering of opponents of globalization, concluded Tuesday.

Mr. Bove was greeted with cheers and applause Tuesday as he participated in closing ceremonies of the World Social Forum, which began last Thursday in Porto Alegre to discuss alternatives to economic globalization. The French farmer and militant, who first gained renown for his attacks against the McDonald's hamburger chain in France in 1999, has been ordered to leave Brazil by midnight Tuesday or face arrest.

Brazilian authorities issued the deportation order late Monday, after Mr. Bove joined Brazilian activists over the weekend in a destroying an experimental field of genetically-engineered soybeans. The field is owned by the U.S. company, Monsanto.

Mr. Bove was a prominent figure at the World Social Forum, which brought together non-governmental organizations, trade unions, and leftist activists for five days of talks on ways to oppose globalization.