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Football Player Korey Stringer Dies of Heat Stroke - 2001-08-01

Sweltering summer heat has claimed the life of a pro football player in the United States. Minnesota Vikings all-star tackle Korey Stringer died of heat stroke early Wednesday, after collapsing at the team's training camp.

Stringer's Viking teammate Cris Carter says the team is in shock.

"There is not a player that anyone enjoyed spending more time with than Korey," he said.

Stringer was unconscious and had a temperature of 42 degrees when he was taken to a hospital in Mankato, Minnesota Tuesday. He suffered multiple organ failure and never regained consciousness before dying at about two o'clock Wednesday morning.

Head coach Dennis Green canceled Wednesday's practices.

"We know that we have to play football and we think we have a football team that knows how to do that. But, that is not on our minds right now," he said.

The last National Football League training camp death was 22 years ago. Last week, a University of Florida football player died of heat stroke after collapsing during practice.