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Murder Suspects Point Finger at Tommy Suharto

Two suspects in the murder of an Indonesian judge have pointed the finger at Tommy Suharto the son of Indonesia's former president. Police say Suharto masterminded the killing and may be involved in a series of recent bombings in the Indonesian capital.

Indonesian police say the two suspects in custody say Tommy Suharto paid them more than $10,000 to carry out the murder of a judge. They also say Suharto provided one of the weapons used in the killing. Justice Syafiuddin Kartasasmita was shot to death by four men on motorcycles on his way to work last month. He was the judge that sentenced Tommy Suharto to 18 months in prison last November after his graft conviction.

Suharto has managed to escape capture since then.

Police also say that they believe Tommy Suharto is behind a recent series bombings in the Indonesian capital. A raid on a home linked to him late Monday revealed a cache of weapons and bombs. Police also found a fake ID bearing a photo of Tommy Suharto now with a beard - under a different name.

After the raid, Jakarta police chief General Sofjan Jacoeb issued a warning to the Suharto family. General Jacoeb says he is asking the Suharto family to surrender Tommy Suharto within three days. If they comply, they will be treated well. If not, he says, he will deal with them harshly.

Suharto has been a fugitive for more than eight months. Western diplomats have said they believe police have the ability to track down the flamboyant son of the former president but that their failure to find him suggests Suharto is being protected by corrupt officials within the security forces. But the renewed effort to apprehend Suharto comes just weeks after President Megawati Sukarnoputri took office.

National Assembly speaker, Amien Rais, is putting pressure on the new government to act quickly. "I would suggest that this present government better arrest the people who are responsible for hiding the grenades and the weapons," said Mr. Rais. "And if necessary, if there is information, Tommy himself must be arrested as soon as possible."

Tommy Suharto is the youngest of former President Suharto's six children all of whom are suspected of using their father's power and influence to amass personal fortunes during his three decades in office. But every member of the Suharto family, including the former leader, has denied all charges of wrongdoing.

Tommy Suharto is the first member of the once-powerful Suharto family to be convicted of corruption.