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Los Angeles Honors New WNBA Champs - 2001-09-06


Sparks were flying at Los Angeles city hall Wednesday, but not in the usual way. The city honored the new champions of the Women's National Basketball Association, the Los Angeles Sparks, at a hometown rally. The event gave team members a chance to display their musical talents.

The Sparks' most valuable player, Lisa Leslie, had a message for 500 Los Angeles fans who gathered at city hall. "For women, it's been tough," she said. "We have a hard fought battle to get our sport to this platform to have the respect that we need from all of the people of Los Angeles. And we just want to thank you."

Los Angeles now boasts two winning basketball teams. The Los Angeles Lakers won the men's NBA title in June, and the Sparks ended their season as the women's champions by sweeping the Charlotte Sting in two games in the best of three series.

As Mayor Jim Hahn declared the city "Hoopville, USA," the LA sparks entertained the crowd with some victory music.