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Dateline: Amelia Earhart Redux - 2001-09-07

On September 5, 1928, the famed American pilot Amelia Earhart took off from an airport in New York on a round-trip flight across America. She flew over 8,800 kilometers at an average speed of 132 kilometers per hour. She stopped in 23 cities on her tour from the east coast to the west.

As we hear in this Dateline report, a contemporary Amelia Earhart is attempting to recreate the flight, flying the same type of plane, and wearing a leather jacket, jodphurs, helmet and goggles. She'll stay in the same places Earhart did and even eat the same food.

Neal Lavon has more on this incredible journey in this edition of Dateline

If you prefer, you may download a copy of this report for later listening.

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