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Bush Requests $20 Billion for Recovery Effort - 2001-09-13

Legislators from the New York area say President Bush has agreed to ask Congress for an additional $20 billion to help in the recovery effort from Tuesday's terrorist attack. This is in addition to the $20 billion already sought to fight terrorism.

Lawmakers from the New York area met with President Bush at the White House Thursday to ask for the additional funding. New York Senator Charles Schumer says Mr. Bush agreed to the request without equivocation. "We were so gratified that the president announced to us that he would support that additional $20 billion in the supplemental for the funding we so desperately need," he said. "It won't be enough. The devastation is enormous. We have never seen a tragedy like this occur."

New York Senator Hillary Clinton says the additional funding would be solely for domestic use, unlike the $20 billion sought to boost the nation's anti-terrorism efforts. "It wasn't just an attack on New York," she said. "It was an attack on America, and everyone understands that. And I am particularly grateful to the President for his leadership and his commitment to our rescue, rebuilding, reconstruction needs as they go forward."

Democratic Senators Clinton and Schumer will accompany the President to New York Friday when he visits the scene of the destroyed World Trade Center.