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Media Misinformation Causing Worries

With tensions running high in New York, some media misinformation about the terror investigation is causing increased anxiety.

Alarming reports were broadcast Thursday night and early Friday morning that as many as 10 people were arrested at New York airports as they were preparing to highjack more airplanes. But officials say, while several people were questioned at the airports, only one remains in custody.

Barry Mawn, director of the New York FBI office, cautioned reporters to be more careful about obtaining official information before broadcasting such reports. Mr. Mawn said that, since this is a criminal investigation, he is not able to reveal many details, but did say a few words about the man still in custody. "This is a criminal investigation; I am not going to get into details," he said. "All I will tell you is that there is one individual that was detained. He is still with us, he is voluntarily with us. We are continuing to look into a number of things. Subsequently, there may be charges or he may be released."

Asked about the numerous bomb threats at New York City office buildings, Mr. Mawn said all were hoaxes, but conceded they are hampering the work of law enforcement.

An extremely heavy police presence remains all over Manhattan and travel, even by foot, is difficult with many streets closed.