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Arab Ministers May Meet on Anti-Terror Coalition

The terrorist attack in the United States has prompted a whirlwind of political activity throughout the Middle East, involving Egypt, Jordan and Iran.

Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa is in Amman meeting with King Abdullah. The two are discussing the possibility of calling an Arab foreign ministers meeting to develop a unified Arab position on the anti-terrorist coalition the United States wants to form.

And Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak traveled to France at the start of a three-nation European tour. Mr. Mubarak is meeting with leaders and key officials to discuss the terrorist attacks in the United States and their potential impact on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. After France, Mr. Mubarak travels to Germany and Italy.

Meanwhile, Iran's foreign minister, Kamal Kharrazi, said Sunday, Iran would join an international coalition to fight terrorism, if it is coordinated by the United Nations. However, the foreign minister made it clear Iran would not allow its airspace to be used to launch attacks against Afghanistan.

Iran is calling for international help to deal with the tens of thousands of Afghan refugees massing along the Iranian border. The Deputy Minister for Refugee Affairs in Iran, Mohammad Reda Rostamy, says Iran, despite building eight refugee camps along its border, is not able to handle the huge influx of refugees.