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US, Canada Tighten Anti-Terrorism Cooperation

Top U.S. and Canadian law enforcement officials are pledging greater cooperation in the fight against terrorism. Attorney General John Ashcroft met Tuesday with Canada's solicitor general, Lawrence MacAulay.

Afterward, both men told a Washington news conference they have been heartened by cooperative efforts so far in the investigation of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Attorney General Ashcroft also stressed that U.S. and Canadian officials are working hard to improve security along their common border. "It is in Canada's interest," he said, "that they have an awareness of who is crossing the border from the United States to Canada and it is in our interest to have an awareness and a cooperative endeavor for us to know who is both leaving the United States and coming in to the United States."

Solicitor General MacAulay says Canadian officials are moving ahead in parliament with proposals to tighten immigration laws in the wake of the September attacks.

Mr. Ashcroft also repeated his warning that the United States could be the target of further terrorist attacks, but said he could not offer any specifics.

The attorney general also would not reveal information and evidence linking the attacks to suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden, information the United States is sharing with some of its allies.