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UN to Monitor Anti-Terrorism Resolution Compliance - 2001-10-04

The United Nations Security Council has established a committee to monitor compliance with the sweeping anti-terrorism resolution that was adopted last week.

The committee, with representation from all 15 council members, will be chaired by Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock of Britain. Mr. Greenstock told reporters his committee will start work immediately to determine what steps are being taken to comply with Security Council resolution number 13-73. "It has been established by the Security Council that the threat of terrorism is a threat to international peace and security," said Ambassador Greenstock. "It is in that context that the Security Council will be following up 13-73 and it is the responsibility of the terrorism committee to maintain a liaison with member states on the actions that they will take, the mandatory action that they will take under 13-73 to carry out the requirements of that resolution."

That resolution requires nations to freeze the assets of terrorism organizations and criminalize fund raising by terrorists or their front groups. In addition, it calls for the exchange of intelligence information about terrorist activities and tougher measures to prevent the cross-border movement of terrorists.

The resolution requires all 189 members of the United Nations to report, within 90 days, on the actions they have taken.

Monitoring committee chairman Greenstock will be assisted in his work by three vice chairmen - representatives of Colombia, Mauritius, and Russia.