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Afghanistan's UN Ambassador Accuses Pakistan  of Supporting Taleban-Bin Laden Alliance

Afghanistan's ambassador to the United Nations, Ravan Farhadi, says the Taleban movement was imposed on his country by Pakistan and that the Taleban do not represent any ethnic group.

Speaking to the U.N. General Assembly session on terrorism, Mr. Farhadi accused Pakistani intelligence officials of supporting an alliance between the Taleban and Osama bin Laden. The Afghan ambassador characterized Mr. bin Laden as the "arch-enemy of genuine Islam."

Mr. Farhadi represents the opposition group in Afghanistan and his organization is recognized by the United Nations as the legitimate government there. He said the Taleban do not represent the Pashtuns and that there is no ethnic majority in Afghanistan. However, he stressed all ethnic groups are united against any foreign domination. "All the Afghans are extremely patriotic," he said. "They do not tolerate foreign domination even if it is disguised as religion."

Mr. Farhadi said no political system can be maintained in Afghanistan unless it is broad-based, multi-ethnic and fully representative. He said the Afghan resistance can never be suppressed by what he called "demagogy and intrigue."