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Emmy's Cancelled

The Emmy Award telecast has been cancelled following the U.S.-led attack on Taleban military sites in Afghanistan. In Los Angeles rehearsals were already underway for the ceremony Sunday evening.

Officials of the CBS television network, which was to broadcast the award show, said the event was being canceled and no decision has been made on whether or not to reschedule it.

The Emmy awards were originally set for broadcast September 16, but were delayed in the wake of the terror attacks on New York and Washington.

Producers had revamped the show to reflect the more somber mood among television viewers. The event was scheduled to open with a commentary by a respected former newsman, Walter Cronkite. It was also to feature a tribute to the police officers and firefighters who lost their lives in the terror attack in New York. The program would have featured some lighter moments as well, with humor and entertainment.

A spokesman for the CBS network said the decision to call off the show was made reluctantly, but this "was not a day to celebrate."