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Powell Warns War on Terror Could Last Indefinitely - 2001-10-10

Secretary of State Colin Powell is warning the U.S. war on terrorism will likely go on indefinitely and could include military strikes against countries anywhere in the world that are found to be supporting terrorism.

In television interviews Wednesday morning, Secretary Powell said the war against terrorism may eventually move from Afghanistan to other countries. "If we find nations who are providing havens or support terrorists, they will have to pay the consequences of such support," he said. "As we continue with the campaign, we will be after this network wherever it exists.

The Secretary of State was asked about what appeared to be an appeal to Muslims around the world by an Al-Qaida spokesman, who praised the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States and warned thousands of young people are prepared to die to kill more Americans. "It is a chilling challenge but I assure you we will meet that challenge," said Colin Powell. "We will pursue this campaign until that spokesman will no longer have any reason to make such boasts."

He adds that he's not yet concerned about anti-American demonstrations in Muslim nations. He will visit one of them - Pakistan - early next week. He will also go to India to shore up relations between the rival nuclear powers at a time of increased tensions in the region.