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Bush: Terror Attacks Have Unified America - 2001-10-12


President Bush says the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have unified America, and out of anger is coming compassion. During a speech in Washington, Mr. Bush focused an efforts to help the Afghan people even as the United States hits terrorist and Taleban targets in Afghanistan.

Mr. Bush says America is more united and more resolved than ever.

"The terrorists did not intend this unity and resolve. But they are powerless to stop them," the president said.

He says the people of the United States are learning the lessons of infinite patience and persistence.

"We face an enemy that plans in secret and acts without morality and without remorse," Mr. Bush said. "We must fight this enemy wherever he plans or hides or runs - abroad and here at home."

The comments came in a speech to one of the oldest and largest health charities in the United States. For decades, the March of Dimes has been raising money to fight crippling diseases, and birth defects. It began as an effort by children to raise dimes for polio research.

Now, the president is urging America's young people to take on a new cause and help the children of Afghanistan.

"There are few places on earth that face greater misery. One out of every four children dies before the age of five in Afghanistan," he said.

The president is asking every American child to donate a dollar to a special aid fund. The money will be used by the Red Cross to purchase and distribute food and medicine.