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Bush Commends Work of US Armed Forces - 2001-10-16

President Bush says America's armed forces are performing with skill and precision in the war on terrorism. And he is repeating his vow to provide the military with all the resources it needs. Mr. Bush spoke at ceremonies honoring the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - General Richard Myers.

Mr. Bush says he is proud of both the military and its new top officer. "Eight days ago, I sent the Armed Forces into action," he said. "They have performed with skill and precision. They know their work, and they know the American people are behind them."

Last week, the President said the Armed Forces would get all the tools needed to conduct the war on terrorism. He repeated that promise during the official welcoming ceremony for General Myers, adding the military operation is showing results. "The terrorists are beginning to understand there is no place to run, there is no place to hide, there is no place to rest," said Mr. Bush.

General Myers formally became the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs shortly after the United States launched strikes on terrorist and Taleban targets in Afghanistan. President Bush said he is the perfect man for the job. "General Myers is known for his calm manner, sound judgment, and his clear strategic thinking." he said. "Now, at any time those qualities would be important; but today, they're indispensable."

Richard Myers was named to the post in August. He is a specialist in high-tech warfare and previously served as Commander of the North American Aerospace Command, and U.S. Space Command.