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Imelda Marcos Posts Bail in Corruption Case


The former first lady of the Philippines has posted bail after a court Tuesday ordered her arrest on corruption charges. This is not the first time Imelda Marcos has faced graft charges.

Philippine former first lady Imelda Marcos is headed to court again, after the country's main anti-graft court issued a warrant for her arrest Tuesday.

The court charged Mrs. Marcos with several counts, including keeping bank accounts in Switzerland that allegedly contain ill-gotten wealth during her husband's administration.

Mrs. Marcos, 72, the widow of president Ferdinand Marcos, posted bail of more than $2,000 and was allowed to go free until her trial.

President Marcos, in power for 20 years, was ousted in a popular revolt in 1986. The family was forced to flee to Hawaii where Mr. Marcos died three years later.

Mrs. Marcos has denied earlier allegations of corruption by her husband while he was in power. She has said the former president was wealthy in his own right before being elected in the 1960s.

Mrs. Marcos was convicted of other corruption charges in the mid-1990s, and sentenced to 12 years in prison. But the Supreme Court overturned the conviction and acquitted her of the charges.

The latest allegations are linked to money reportedly amassed while Mrs. Marcos served as minister of human settlements in the 1970s. The charges are part of a much wider investigation for corruption against Mrs. Marcos.