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Afghan War Extends North - 2001-10-29

The war in Afghanistan is being extended to the north of the country. The Taleban front line near the border with Tajikistan has been bombed for the second day.

As the air strikes enter their fourth week, a new front is being opened. Bombs rained down on Taleban lines around the city of Taliqan in northern Afghanistan, where 600 Taleban troops are dug in for the winter.

These are the raids the Northern Alliance, the opposition to the Taleban, has been calling for. But Northern Alliance leaders still complain that the United States does not give them enough warning about when and where the raids will be.

Now it is up to the Northern Alliance, America's allies on the ground, to attack Taleban forces. But time is short. Winter is setting in, with sleet starting in this region.