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Economic Forum Continues in Moscow

Russian and international business leaders met in Moscow Tuesday for the second day of the Russian meeting of the World Economic Forum, an offshoot of the forum held in Davos, Switzerland, every year. Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the forum and talked about Russia's desire to become integrated into the world economy.

The Russian president told a packed audience that the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States have changed the world. He said we must remember what happened that day.

In the aftermath of the attacks, many observers feel that Russia stands to benefit economically in return for its cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

President Putin told the economic forum that Russia would like to integrate itself into the world economy, a theme he has stressed time and again.

For many who have followed the events in Russia for the past 10 years since the end of the Soviet Union, the good economic news coming out of Russia is surprising. Russia is in its third year of economic growth, and is one of the few countries in the world expected to weather the economic downturn.

Mr. Putin said he feels that Russia has left behind the image of an unstable place in which to do business.

When asked what he sees for Russia in 10 years time, Mr. Putin said he hopes everyone will be happy.