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Bush Urges Veterans to Share Their Experiences with Students - 2001-10-30

President Bush wants America's war veterans to share their experiences with a generation of students now learning to live in a nation at war. Mr. Bush says young people have a lot to learn from the men and women who have fought to defend the country.

Americans honor their war veterans every November. This year President Bush says it is an especially important time for veterans' stories of courage under fire to inspire a nation struck by terrorism. He said, "We have learned all too suddenly that there are evil people who have no regard for human life and will do whatever it takes to try to bring this mighty nation to its knees."

Speaking to high school students in the Washington suburbs Tuesday, the President launched the "Lessons for Liberty" program which asks schools nationwide to invite a veteran to speak to students about the power of patriotism and the challenges of defending freedom from World War II to the Gulf War.

Mr. Bush told the students that all veterans are examples of service and citizenship for every American to remember and to follow. "In these difficult days here in America," he said, "I ask all of us - children and adults - to remember the valor and sacrifice of our veterans. American veterans have extraordinary stories. We should listen to them. American veterans preserved our world and freedom. And we should honor them. American veterans show us the meanings of sacrifice and citizenship. And we should learn from them. Americans should always honor our veterans. At this moment, we especially need the example of their character."

The President challenged students to learn from these examples to build a new generation committed to service and sacrifice. During the week of November 11, Mr. Bush says this "Lessons for Liberty" program will bring together veterans and students nationwide to share examples of duty and courage at a time when, he says, "both are sorely needed."