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Another Possible Anthrax Case in New York - 2001-10-31

New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says a second possible case of anthrax is been investigated at a New York hospital where one woman died of the disease.

Mayor Giuliani says officials still do not know how 61-year-old Kathy Nguyen became infected with the inhalation form of anthrax. The Vietnamese immigrant, a supply clerk at a New York hospital, died Wednesday morning. However, preliminary tests at the hospital and in Ms. Nguyen's home show no traces of anthrax.

Now, Mayor Giuliani told reporters, investigators are focusing on another woman who works at the same hospital. That woman is exhibiting symptoms of what could be skin anthrax. Although there is yet no definite diagnosis on the second woman, the mayor stressed she is receiving treatment. "At this point people should not jump to conclusions about it," he said. "The woman is on antibiotics. Everything is being done that you would do has it been diagnosed as anthrax."

As a precautionary measure, New York health officials are advising anyone who went to the hospital within the last week to start taking antibiotics.