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104 Dead, 140 Missing from Philippines Tropical Storm - 2001-11-08

In the Philippines, at least 104 people are dead and more than 140 are missing after a tropical storm began a sweep across the archipelago. More than a dozen crew members on a ship in the area are missing, and miners have been trapped in a collapsed tunnel.

Philippine authorities Thursday issued appeals for volunteers and more equipment to help rescue efforts that have been hindered by heavy rain and flooding.

Most of the casualties from Tropical Storm Lingling were on Camiguin island, 700 kilometers south of Manila. Heavy rains there triggered mudslides that buried entire villages.

A cargo ship thought to have 19 crew members reportedly sank in stormy seas off the coast of southern Mindanao island. A tunnel at a copper mine on the island of Cebu collapsed, trapping a dozen miners.

In addition, local officials say five people were killed on the neighboring island of Negros and two were confirmed dead on Cebu.

The storm, with winds of up to 90 kilometers an hour, hit land in the early morning hours Wednesday, while many people were sleeping.

Heavy flooding is reported in other parts of southern Philippines, including Mindanao. Mudslides and falling boulders washed out bridges and blocked highways, slowing relief efforts.

Philippine President Gloria Arroyo says the government is releasing additional relief funds for the disaster. She plans to visit the area as soon as the local airport could be cleared.

The storm is moving slowly across the islands and is expected to linger in the area until Saturday.