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Injured Skiier Begins to Emerge from Coma - 2001-11-08

The German trainer who was involved in a fatal crash with World Cup Super-Giant Slalom ski champion Regine Cavagnoud last month has begun to come out of his coma.

Doctors in Vienna, Austria say that Markus Anwander has not fully emerged from the coma he lapsed into after colliding with Cavagnoud during a practice session on the Pitz Valley glacier October 29.

Cavagnoud died from head injuries last Wednesday. Local police said the accident was a result of what they called a tragic misunderstanding between the French and German teams.

Andwander was not supposed to be on the course at the same time as Cavagnoud, but neither he nor the French skier received any warnings. The pair smashed into one another at over 100 kilometers per hour.