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Fierce Fighting Continues in Afghanistan - 2001-11-15

Fierce fighting continues between Taleban and Northern Alliance soldiers in Kunduz Province of Northern Afghanistan. An estimated 17,000 Taleban troops are encircled and trapped in the area.

The Northern Alliance has returned in triumph to its former regional capitol of Talaqan, around 350 kilometers north of Kabul, following the defeat of Taleban forces here Sunday. But while people are still celebrating in the streets of Talaqan, fierce fighting continues 35 kilometers away in the Kundus Province.

Thousands of retreating Taleban fighters were trapped here by Northern Alliance forces fighting on two fronts.

A Northern Alliance spokesman says the Taleban fighters are mostly foreigners from Chechnya, Pakistan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia, and that they are putting up fierce resistance.

The Northern Alliance says it has captured thousands of Taleban fighters here, but Kunduz remains Taleban territory.

American airstrikes on front lines in the region continued Thursday.