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UN Seeks Olympic Truce For Salt Lake Winter Games - 2001-12-12

The United Nations General Assembly is asking the world for a limited Olympic truce during the upcoming winter games in Salt Lake City, to ensure the safety of athletes.

The resolution passed Tuesday requests that nations of the world guarantee all athletes can safely travel to and participate in the games in the western U.S. state of Utah.

The event will take place from February 8 to 24 under unprecedented security. At least $300 million will be spent on safety measures that will include thousands of guards, radar planes and biological and chemical detectors in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks and recent mail-borne anthrax bioterrorism in the United States.

With the U.S. military campaign against terrorism continuing in Afghanistan, the General Assembly backed away from stronger language adopted for previous Olympic Games requesting a cessation of hostilities. International Olympic Committee officials are quoted as calling the U.S. action in Afghanistan a very specific situation that must be taken into account.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported Tuesday that 69 airport workers have been indicted on federal charges of using false information to get jobs at Salt Lake International Airport. However, U.S. authorities say there was no indication of any terrorist connections among those indicted.