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Giuliani Says Farewell - 2001-12-27

Outgoing New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says he does not want to see any new office construction at the site of the World Trade Center. Instead, the mayor said Thursday he wants the scene of the terrorist attack to be turned into a permanent memorial.

In his farewell address to the city, Mr. Giuliani said he opposes any economic development at the site where thousands of people died. "We should think about a soaring, monumental, beautiful memorial that just draws millions of people here that just want to see it. They can also come here for reading, education, background and research. Long after we are all gone, it will be the sacrifice of our patriots and their heroism that is going to be what this place is remembered for," the mayor said.

Mr. Giuliani, who is barred from serving a third consecutive term as mayor, spoke at St. Paul's chapel, a church just one block from the attack site and which miraculously escaped any damage when the Trade Center towers collapsed.

The mayor, who served a frequently controversial eight years, defended his record. He said he had reduced crime, reduced the number of people living on government welfare payments and given New Yorkers a renewed sense of pride.

Commenting on his recent selection as "Time" magazine's "person of the year," Mr. Giuliani said the honor really should go to the citizens of New York because they are "the people of the year."