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Omar's Location May Be Known

U.S. officials say they have credible information on the whereabouts of fugitive Taleban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar. That word comes amid conflicting reports about whether a mission is under way in Afghanistan to apprehend him.

U.S. officials report having credible information that Mullah Omar may be hiding in the Baghran area northwest of Kandahar. These officials indicate plans have been formulated to go in and get him in an action coordinated with Afghan anti-Taleban forces.

However, a spokesman for the U.S. military's Central Command in charge of operations in Afghanistan denies news reports that Marines set out from Kandahar Monday on such an operation. The denial comes despite eyewitness reports of American troops boarding helicopters and heading off towards the northwest in the direction of Baghran.

Still other reports indicate Afghan anti-Taleban fighters, accompanied by U.S. Special Forces, may already be in the Baghran area.

Chief Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke declines to discuss any current or future operations. But she tells VOA one of the top objectives of the U.S. military in Afghanistan remains the apprehension of Mullah Omar.

She says defense officials will use whatever resources are necessary to accomplish that goal.