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Hurricanes Face Cornhuskers in Rose Bowl - 2002-01-02

In U.S. college football, the Miami Hurricanes and the Nebraska Cornhuskers will meet in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, on Thursday. The winner of the Rose Bowl is normally voted the national champion by sports media and coaches. But as this year's national championship game may or may not determine the national champions.

If the Miami Hurricanes - currently ranked number one in the nation - win the Rose Bowl, they will win the championship. But if Nebraska wins, that team may share the national title with the Oregon Ducks, who routed Colorado 38-16 in Tuesday's Fiesta Bowl. That is because the voters who bestow the title will take into account both Oregon's performance this week and that Colorado beat Nebraska earlier this year.

So among the thousands of fans now in Pasadena there are some supporters of Oregon who hope a Nebraska win will propel their team to the championship. They helped swell the ranks of a rally this week for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Still, Miami is favored to win the Rose Bowl and the national title. The team had 11 wins and no losses during its regular season. It's a win these Miami fans are hoping for.