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Dateline: Interpol and Terrorism - 2002-01-05

One of the most invaluable agencies in the fight against international terrorism is the global agency, Interpol. Interpol, headquartered in France, acts as a global clearinghouse supplying information and crime prevention techniques to the world's police agencies. Interpol is also taking an active role to fight terrorism as we hear in this Dateline report.

As the member nations of the global coalition against terrorism hunt for terrorists and those who aid them, Interpol, is playing a key role. Interpol's official name is the International Criminal Police Organization. Interpol was its telegraphic address. But since the name, "Interpol" became so well known to the public, the agency adopted the term as part of its official name. Interpol is 78 years old and its 179 member nations work to make international police cooperation against global crime easier.

Frank Spicka, is an agent of the U.S. Secret Service on loan to Interpol. He spoke with VOA's Rebecca Ward about the work Interpol is doing to help combat terrorism around the world.