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VOA's 50th Anniversary Concert - 2002-04-02


Ten years ago, VOA marked its 50th anniversary with, among other things, a concert featuring major stars and hosted by VOA's Judy Massa.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen of all ages around the world," she said. "Welcome to the Voice of America's 50th anniversary 'Gift of Song' live, worldwide broadcast!"

Garth Brooks was among the performers in the special three-hour concert featuring country, classical, jazz and rock musicians. Another was Joe Walsh from the rock band, The Eagles. "Hello, everybody," he said. "From all of us musicians here in the United States we extend our warmest greetings and greatest hopes for the future to the entire world community." 'A Gift of Song' marked the first time in VOA history a concert was broadcast live to listeners from VOA headquarters in Washington. But it wasn't the last. Four years later, when jazz musicians paid tribute to Willis Conover with a 3-hour concert at VOA, it too was broadcast live, worldwide. And this year, VOA is hosting a series of concerts to mark its 60th Anniversary.

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