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Inca Mummies Found in Peru - 2002-04-17

Archaeologists have uncovered thousands of Inca mummies in a 500-year-old cemetery in Peru. The scientists say the huge find will expand knowledge of the Inca.

Peruvian archaeologists have recovered the remains of more than 2,200 Incas under a busy shantytown on the outskirts of Peru's capital, Lima.

The mummies, often bundled in groups of two to seven, were well preserved in the dry coastal soil, complete with possessions such as headdresses. Offerings of gourds, beans, corn and ceramics accompany the remains.

They are believed to date from a 75-year span crossing the time of the Spanish conquest in the 1530's.

The archeologists think the sprawling eight hectare site was a central Inca cemetery where as many as 10,000 are buried.

The dead represent all ages and social levels. As a result, the researchers say they will get an unprecedented opportunity to solve some of the mysteries of the Inca.