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Cheney: Arafat Not in Control of Some Suicide Bombers - 2002-05-19

In Washington, Vice President Dick Cheney has reacted to the suicide bombing in Israel Sunday, saying Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat does not have the ability to stop all forms of suicide attacks on Israel.

In an appearance on the television program Meet the Press Sunday, Vice President Cheney acknowledged there are some radical factions that may be out of President Arafat's control.

"I think there clearly [is] a class of bombing that he can't that relates to groups supported by Syria and Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas factions, that don't come under his purview and have in the past indicated they are prepared to do everything in they can destroy the peace process," he said.

The vice president added some past suicide bombings have been carried out by elements of Palestinian organizations that are under Mr. Arafat's control.

Whatever the origin of the latest suicide bombing, Mr. Cheney said there can be no progress toward peace in the Middle East until the violence stops.