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Israel Suicide Bombing Leaves 3 Dead, Many Wounded


A suspected Palestinian suicide bomber has killed himself and at least one other person in the northern Israeli coastal city of Netanya. Another 28 are injured.

The suicide bomber arrived at the fruit and vegetable market in Netanya dressed in an Israeli army uniform. He set off a powerful explosion, which ripped through the market.

Eyewitnesses say it was fortunate that the market was not crowded at the start of the Israeli working week, or the number of casualties could have been much higher. At least six of the injured are reported to be in serious condition.

Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, which has been behind many such attacks claimed responsibility for the blast.

Netanya is situated close to the West Bank and has been the target of frequent terror attacks this year. The explosion ended a period of relative quiet following Israel's recent military offensive in the West Bank to root out Palestinian terrorism.

A spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says that the attack shows that the Palestinian terrorism campaign against the Jewish State is far from over.

Two weeks ago, Israel planned a new offensive against the Gaza Strip after 15 Israelis were killed in a suicide bombing in Rishon Lezion, near Tel Aviv. The operation was called off in the face of international pressure.