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Israel to Relocate Fuel Reserves


Israel has decided to relocate all the fuel reserves at the country's largest oil depot following an attempt last week to blow up the facility. The decision was announced Sunday as Israel continued to carry out raids inside Palestinian-ruled areas of the West Bank, amid heightened warnings of more Palestinian terrorist attacks.

The Israeli cabinet decided Sunday to relocate all the fuel reserves at the Pi Glilot depot, near Tel Aviv, within three months. The decision comes after a bomb exploded under a tanker that was loading diesel fuel in the depot last Thursday.

The facility is located just north of Tel Aviv, close to residential areas. A major explosion there, experts have warned, could result in thousands of deaths and massive destruction to buildings.

Under the decision, fuel companies operating at the facility must reduce the amount of gas at the depot by 80 percent within one month and relocate all reserves within three months.

The announcement follows warnings from the Israeli security establishment that militant Palestinian groups are planning other large-scale terror attacks against strategic targets.

Amid heightened security alerts, Israeli troops thrust into Qalqilyah in the northern West Bank on Sunday, making it the third town to be raided by the army in as many days.

A curfew was placed on the city as soldiers carried out what they describe as an operation aimed at foiling planned terror attacks.

Authorities say the army is preparing to launch more missions in the West Bank in the near future, in a bid to prevent Palestinian militants from crossing into Israel to carry out terrorist operations.