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FBI Director Says Terrorist Attacks Have Been Thwarted Since Sept. 11 - 2002-06-02

FBI Director Robert Mueller says terrorist attacks have been thwarted in the United States and abroad since September 11. Mr. Mueller spoke about the terrorist threat during an appearance on American television.

The FBI Director refused to reveal any details of attacks that were blocked in the United States, except to say terrorist plans were foiled. "I believe that there have been threats that we have thwarted within the United States," he said.

But Mr. Mueller noted that information has already been released regarding blocked terrorist attacks abroad; in Singapore, France and Spain. "I will tell you right now that we have prevented a number of terrorist attacks around the globe since September 11," he said.

He made the comments on the CBS program "Face the Nation" at a time when the FBI is coming under sharp criticism for its handling of information prior to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Congressional intelligence committees open joint hearings Tuesday into what went wrong with U.S. information gathering before the attacks.