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Astronauts Prepare for Tuesday Spacewalk - 2002-06-10

Astronauts from the U.S. space shuttle Endeavour will work in space again Tuesday to finish connecting a platform to the international space station's rail car. One of the spacewalkers has been complaining of sore feet.

Astronauts Franklin Chang-Diaz and Philippe Perrin will make their second of three spacewalks to continue outfitting the station's railcar. The small trolley eventually will carry the station's robot arm back and forth along the outpost during construction activities.

They will bolt a platform to the car that will support the arm. On Monday, the station crew prepared the way for the work by clamping the platform onto the trolley using the mechanical arm.

Mr. Perrin, a French astronaut, is hoping his feet do not hurt again as they did on his first spacewalk Sunday. He complained of sore heels because his boots were too tight.

Mission officials advised him to remove the foot inserts and several centimeters of heel padding to relieve the pressure.

If the boots still squeeze his heels, Mr. Perrin will have to borrow a bigger pair from a station crewmember for his third spacewalk Thursday.