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Bush Must Not Include Palestinian State in Peace Plan, Senior Israeli Official Says - 2002-06-12

British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon have met in London to discuss the Middle East crisis.

The British and Israeli leaders had no comment for waiting reporters following their hour-long meeting at Mr. Blair's official residence at 10 Downing Street.

Before the meeting, a British spokesman said the prime ministers would be reviewing Mr. Sharon's just-completed visit to Washington. A senior Israeli official said during the Washington visit, Mr. Sharon urged President Bush not to push Israel into a peace accord that would create a Palestinian state.

The official said Mr. Sharon warned the president that his government would collapse and he would have to call new elections if a Palestinian state is established while Palestinian terrorism continues.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Colin Powell said President Bush expects to announce a plan soon that would enhance Israeli security while achieving Palestinian statehood.

In London, Mr. Blair's spokesman said the British leader spoke Wednesday with King Abdullah of Jordan ahead of the meeting with Mr. Sharon.

King Abdullah spoke to the European Parliament Wednesday. He called on Europe to help lead a global diplomatic effort to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.