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OIC Passes 40 Wide-Ranging Resolutions

The Organization of the Islamic Conference ended a meeting of the group's foreign ministers Thursday in Khartoum. The ministers passed several resolutions, including a call for the international community to step up efforts to end Israel's attacks on Palestinians.

The ministers urged the United States, Russia, European nations and the United Nations to stop what they called the aggression by Israeli forces against the Palestinians.

That was one of about 40 resolutions on issues ranging from the treatment of Muslim minorities around the world to the need for a universal definition of terrorism.

The OIC ministers, representing the 57 member states that belong to the Organization of Islamic Conference, also voiced support for the independence of Iraq and its territorial integrity. In another resolution they stressed the need for Iraq to respect the security of Kuwait.

Though the ministers made no mention of President Bush's call earlier this week for a new Palestinian leadership, they did approve a resolution expressing support for the Palestinian leadership and a proposal for peace in the Mideast that was put forth earlier this year by Saudi Arabia. Under the plan, the Arab states would normalize relations with Israel in return for Israel's return to the borders it had before the 1967 war.

The OIC was founded more then 30 years ago and is the largest Muslim organization in the world.