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President Bush to Undergo Medical Exam Saturday

President Bush will have medical tests on his colon Saturday. Presidential power will briefly transfer to Vice President Dick Cheney.

President Bush will have an examination of his colon at the president retreat at Camp David. He will be under a mild sedative for the procedure known as a colonoscopy, so executive power will be transferred to Vice President Cheney for about an hour.

Mr. Bush called the exam "routine," telling reporters that it is a follow-up to a similar procedure two years ago that found several benign polyps.

"I'm the first president to have done so under this type of procedure and or physical examination," he said. "I did so because we are at war, and I just want to be super cautious. I informed the vice president of this. He is fully prepared to be standing by. He realizes he will not be president that long."

Mr. Bush Friday said he "feels great" and there are no signs or symptoms of trouble. The president exercises regularly, last week running a three-mile race in under 21 minutes.