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Typhoon Chata'an Batters Japan - 2002-07-10

Typhoon Chata'an, which already caused chaos in the Philippines, Micronesia and Guam, is now wreaking havoc on coastal Japan. One man and a boy are still missing after being carried away by floodwaters. Two other storms are moving through the Pacific, one causing mudslides and flooding in Taiwan, the other threatening Guam.

Typhoon Chata'an is now working its way along Japan's coast, although it is weakening. Early Wednesday, it began dumping torrential rains on southern Japan, as the storm headed north toward Tokyo.

Fifteen thousand people were evacuated in the Japanese city of Ogaki, as a river broke its banks and a rockslide cut off access to a number of villages. Flights, trains and ferry sailings around Japan have been delayed or canceled as the storm moved in.

Japanese weather forecaster Daisuke Tashiro says the rains are expected to continue and even worsen. He warns that Gifu prefecture will be particularly hard hit.

Further south, Tropical Storm Nakri is bringing torrential rains to Taiwan's western coast. Officials there closed Taichung airport and a number of mudslides and floods have been reported.

In the western Pacific, Typhoon Halong is passing just south of the U.S. territory of Guam, sparing the island from the heavy winds and rains that battered it last week. Much of Guam still remains without electricity after Typhoon Chata'an brought winds of up to 160 kilometers an hour last Friday. President Bush declared the island a disaster area to expedite federal government aid.