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Psychedelic Party, Tribute Celebrates New <i>Austin Powers</i> Film Opening - 2002-07-27

The latest film featuring secret agent Austin Powers opened around the United States on Friday. Promotions tied to the movie included a psychedelic party and a tribute to Mike Myers, who plays the title role of Austin Powers.

He is back on the silver screen, to the delight of his fans and to the dismay of many critics. Austin Powers in Goldmember is the third episode in the series of movie spy-spoofs. The film again stars Myers as the "international man of mystery."

Myers plays the title role as the James Bond-era spy with no shortage of confidence. He also plays Powers' archenemy, Doctor Evil, and two other villains including his latest nemesis, Goldmember.

In this film, Powers travels to the past to help his father, who was also a secret agent.

A few days before the film's opening, Myers was honored with a plaque on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Johnny Grant, known as the honorary mayor of Hollywood, presided.

"We proudly welcome to the Hollywood Walk of Fame Mike Myers," he said.

Earlier in the week at the film's premiere, a 1970's-theme party featured men in polyester suits and women in miniskirts and oversized hairdos.

Myers, a Canadian actor, found success in New York on television's Saturday Night Live, the show that also launched the careers of comedians Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy.

Myers joked that the opening of his latest film was more elaborate than the opening of his first.

"The first premiere was in the basement of my mother's house in Toronto," he joked.

Myers is joined in the latest film by singer Beyonce Knowles of the pop group Destiny's Child, by British actor Michael Caine and several celebrities, who make cameo appearances.