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Russian Airliner Crashes on Takeoff from Moscow Airport - 2002-07-28

A Russian-built Ilyushin IL-86 aircraft burst into flames at Moscow's Shermetyevo airport Sunday after crashing on takeoff.

Preliminary reports say two of 16 people on board survived the crash, but they are reported in grave condition.

Russia's Interfax news agency quotes law enforcement officials as saying the survivors were women. According to Russian news agencies, the plane was carrying four crewmembers and 12 attendants.

Rescue workers are on the scene in a wooded area near one of the airport's runways. A plume of thick, black smoke was said to be rising from the wreckage.

The Pulkovo Airlines plane was headed to the Russian city of St. Petersburg on what is being called a technical flight. That means there were no passengers on board.

The incident comes almost a month after 71 people died when a TU-154 aircraft carrying Russian schoolchildren to a holiday in Spain collided with a cargo plane over the Swiss-German border.