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Bush Receives Clean Bill of Health - 2002-08-06

President Bush's doctors say he is in excellent health and should remain so for years to come. Mr. Bush had his annual physical examination Tuesday at Bethesda Naval Hospital near Washington.

The president underwent several hours of routine tests at the medical facility - everything from an eye exam to a run on a treadmill to check his heart rate.

In a four-page report, his doctors say all his vital signs are normal and his cardiovascular fitness is in the "superior" range. Using military jargon, they say he is "fit for duty."

The test results came as no surprise. At the age of 56, the president exercises almost daily, and avoids alcohol and tobacco. Mr. Bush is an avid runner who can cover five kilometers in about 21 minutes. He is so dedicated to exercise, that he devoted four days in June to promoting physical fitness in America. He will also grace the cover of "Runner's World" magazine in October.

The president's only health problems in the last year involved removal of a few skin lesions on his face, and a fainting spell in January brought on by swallowing a pretzel. He had a screening for colon cancer in June that showed no danger signs.