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Doctors Are Optimistic of Future of Conjoined Twins

The one-year-old Guatemalan twin girls who were born joined at the head are reported doing well following rare surgery that separated them earlier this week. Doctors at the University of California Los Angeles Medical Center say the twins are under heavy sedation in critical but stable condition.

The girls underwent 22 hours of surgery on Monday and Tuesday to separate their skulls and disentangle blood vessels between their heads. One returned to the operating room for five more hours Tuesday when blood built up in her brain.

The doctors are not sure yet whether the girls suffered brain damage from the procedure, but lead neurosurgeon Jorge Lazareff says he is positive they will lead normal lives.

"We are hopeful because the further away we go from the time that we finished the surgical procedure on the twins, the likelihood of having a severe complication diminishes progressively," Dr. Lazareff said.

The girls had been attached at the top of their heads facing opposite directions. The condition is the rarest form of conjoined twins.