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Bush to Ask UN to Deal with Iraq - 2002-09-10

President Bush says he will call on the United Nations to deal with the problem of Iraq. But, Mr. Bush is keeping quiet about the details of his planned speech Thursday to the General Assembly.

The president says he looks forward to the speech, saying he wants to talk about ways the international community can work together to make the world a more peaceful place.

"I'm going to the United Nations to give this speech for a reason - because I believe this is an international problem, and that we must work together to deal with the problem," he said.

During a brief question and answer session with reporters on the grounds of Afghanistan's embassy in Washington, the president focused on the need to reach out to other leaders. He said he would not provide any clues to the specifics of the speech, and refused to answer directly when asked about possible military action.

A senior administration official said Mr. Bush will stress the current regime in Iraq is an outlaw regime that challenges the authority of the U.N. The official said the president is still considering a broad range of options but firmly believes something must be done.