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9/11: Flight 93 - A conversation with a telephone operator who spoke with a passenger - 2002-09-11

Oneyear ago. on September 11th, a phone call made from one of the hijacked planes would be the beginning of a story very few Americans will ever forget.

Todd Beamer, a passenger on United Airlines Flight 93, placed a call to a Verizon cutomer service manager while flying over the state of Pennsylvania.

Lisa Jefferson took the call and tells English to Africa reporter Roderick Murray about what was going on when the call came in. She said the caller was so calm and soft-spoken that at first she didn’t think it was really a hijacking - but perhaps a prank.

The caller, Todd Beamer, asked her to recite the Lord’s Prayer with him and to call his family to tell them how much he loved him. He told her they were going to jump the hijackers. The jetliner - which investigators believe was heading for the White House - later crashed in a Pennsylvania countryside.

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