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Bush Meets with Congressional Leaders to Push for Iraq Resolution - 2002-10-02


President Bush met early Wednesday with Congressional leaders to push for his version of a resolution authorizing the use of U.S. force in Iraq.

There are still differences over the language of the resolution. But both the White House and congressional leaders say there is no disagreement over the core principle of giving President Bush the authority to send U.S. troops into Iraq.

Senate Minority Leader Republican Trent Lott says Congress will give the president broad bipartisan support to act against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

"The bottom line is that the resolve clause gives the President of the United States all necessary and appropriate authority, including the use of force, to eliminate the weapons of mass destruction," Senator Lott said.

Some Senators want to narrow the focus of the president's authority to countering suspected stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons.

Mr. Bush wants broader authority, as reflected in a draft resolution the White House has sent to Congress, that demands the Iraqi leader also stop supporting terrorists and threatening his neighbors.