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Palestinian Teenager Shot After Defying Curfew - 2002-10-05

A Palestinian teenager was shot dead by Israeli troops Saturday, near the West Bank city of Nablus and several other Palestinians are reported injured.

Palestinian witnesses and medical workers say the teenager was shot when he and a group of boys defied the military curfew and threw stones at Israeli soldiers. The incident occurred at a refugee camp near Nablus. Witnesses say they also heard gunfire from the center of the city.

It's the second shooting death of a Palestinian teenager in the past two days. On Friday, a Palestinian youth was killed under similar circumstances in a village in the northern West Bank, and earlier Friday, another Palestinian youngster was critically wounded by Israeli tank fire near Nablus.

These are the latest incidents in almost daily deadly violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

Nablus and most other West Bank cities have been under an almost continuous curfew for over three months - ever since Israel re-occupied much of the West Bank, in response to a spate of suicide bombings by Palestinian militants inside Israel.

Palestinians in many cities routinely defy the curfew when there are no Israeli soldiers around. They also say that, often, patrolling Israeli troops simply ignore the defiance. But, there have also been clashes, mostly between soldiers and young Palestinian stone throwers.